HAProxy performance tips

If you’re running a high performance HAProxy setup, there are many tweaks and settings that you can benefit from. Some of these can be complex, but there are many that can quite easily increase your performance. We’ll give you some tips here to get that extra bit of performance you need!

I’ve written an article for Snapt on some tweaks that may be useful for you — HAProxy Performance Tweaks.

HAProxy SSL cipher list

This is the haproxy cipher list Snapt is most likely going to roll out next:


If you are using haproxy for SSL termination it’s a good idea to manually specify a cipher list to prevent attacks like BEAST, or other protocol weaknesses.

The best instant coffee

I’m now quite convinced that the best quality instant coffee (at least in South Africa) is Douwe Egberts Pure Gold. Below is the scale of instant coffee here – 

  1. 10/10 – Douwe Eggberts
  2. 7/10 – Jacobs
  3. 5/10 – Nescafe

The other brands I really can’t be bothered to even rate. Anyway, if you like Jacobs or Nescafe you should definitely give Douwe Egberts a try.

Dragon Age 2 Windows 8 Crash Fix

If you have upgraded from an older install to Windows 8 (like many of us) you may find your Dragon Age II now crashes.

This is because it’s switched to Direct X 11, and your graphics card doesn’t have support.

Go to “Documents -> BioWare -> Dragon Age 2 -> Settings” and then edit DragonAge.ini

Find the line that says “UseDirectX11Renderer=1” and change it to “UseDirectX11Renderer=0”