BLOG // October 3, 2021

Detect suspicious logins on Laravel sites

Laravel Suspicious Logins automatically tracks logins to your site, and detects if a login is suspicious. You can then email either the owner of the account or yourself to notify of the suspicious login.

The plugin bases this off of their geographic distance from other recent logins, and optionally based on a central OSINT database.

composer require adventdevinc/laravel-suspicious-logins

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="AdventDev\SuspiciousLogins\SuspiciousLoginsServiceProvider" --tag="migrations"
php artisan migrate

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="AdventDev\SuspiciousLogins\SuspiciousLoginsServiceProvider" --tag="config"

You can now edit config/suspicious-logins.php to customize your setup and you will be up and running.


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