Great Laravel Packages

Laravel is my PHP framework of choice, and I’ve collected a bunch of packages that are perhaps less known that the most common ones out there. Here are the highlights:

barryvdh/laravel-cors [github]

A great and easy to use CORS addon for Laravel, allowing you to easily configure your Cross-Origin Resource Sharing headers.

binarytorch/larecipe [github]

Automatically generate docs for your application from markdown, have a look at the Nova one.

lab404/laravel-impersonate [github]

Allows you to impersonate other users on your platform, great for testing and support.

laravel/horizon [github]

Horizon is a queue manager and visibility option for Laravel queues.

sentry/sentry-laravel [github] integration for Laravel, amazing at tracking production errors in your apps.

spatie/laravel-sitemap [github]

Easily generate a sitemap (with a headless chrome browser) or by custom URLs.

spatie/laravel-image-optimizer [github]

Optimize svg, webp, png, jpg, and gifs in Laravel, very easy to automate optimization of your public/ contents.

Got unique plugins to suggest? Let me know in the comments.