BLOG // May 6, 2021

Integrate Comments with Gatsby

Commento is a lightweight, privacy-first comments system (think Disqus but 15KB in size), and it's the one powering comments on this blog.

After doing some research I decided it was the best option for my Gatsby based blog, and have written a small script to use it with Gatsby.

The Code

Copy the below file to src/components/commento.js

import React, { useEffect } from "react"

// Helper to add scripts to our page
const insertScript = (src, id, parentElement) => {
  const script = window.document.createElement("script")
  script.async = true
  script.src = src = id
  return script

// Helper to remove scripts from our page
const removeScript = (id, parentElement) => {
  const script = window.document.getElementById(id)
  if (script) {

// The actual component
const Commento = ({ id }) => {
  useEffect(() => {
    if (!window) {

    const document = window.document

    // In case our #commento container exists we can add our commento script
    if (document.getElementById("commento")) {

    // Cleanup; remove the script from the page
    return () => removeScript(`commento-script`, document.body)
  }, [id])
  return <div id={`commento`} />

export default Commento

Then to embed it in your blog add the following import to the top of your blog file:

import Commento from "../components/commento"

And add this to wherever you want to display the comments:

<Commento id={} />

The ID field is optional but recommended, pass it a value that's unique to your post for the comments to be bound to. You can see I pass the the ID of my article.


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