BLOG // May 25, 2021

Load testing a REST API with LoadForge

There is some great new content available on LoadForge for those wanting to load test Laravel or load test a REST API.

Last weekend we did some load testing on our API for LoadForge and wanted to have a dynamic test which could be run easily from our CI environment. We've documented that in the REST API guide linked above, but the main cool features about it are:

  1. When starting, get all the results and save the result ids for later as well as set a bearer token
  2. Get a random result from the list of results we received earlier

This allows us to run tests at any point in time, and the load test will query the API to find IDs we can use, and then query results for those IDs.

If you're looking at load testing your API I've included some great example stuff to get started with on LoadForge.

If you'd like to get started you can register for free and run your tests.


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