Unbeknownst to many, base64_encode in PHP can generate strings with + and / characters in them. This can then break URLs. The below snippets are a URL safe base64_encode and […]

Sometimes you need to make a change to a public composer package (e.g. I needed to add Laravel 7 support to a plugin, example below) but you can’t wait for […]

After years of work, we have finally launched Snapt Nova! Nova provides load balancing, acceleration and application security at massive scale. Whether you have one device – or one million […]

I’m often frustrated by trying to track my webmaster tools index status on Google – what sites are indexed, how well, what errors or anomalies have happened. It’s all extremely […]

I’m constantly suprised by people not knowing this but CTRL + SHIFT + V will paste something but without the source formatting. So it pastes just the plaintext you selected. […]