BLOG // May 1, 2021

The arrival of my new website

Welcome to the new website!

It was time for a change away from a monolithic and unnecessary stack of Laravel for the main site, and WordPress for the blog. The primary driver was that I decided to separate out the frontend and backend and go with a headless CMS.

I ultimately landed on a combination of services. The full stack looks like this:

  • Strapi: an API driven headless CMS
  • Gatsby: a lightning fast React-based frontend
  • Vercel: the CDN and hosting network for the Gatsby frontend
  • TailwindCSS: excellent UI toolkit, my default

It's been quite an interesting transition as you may imagine. I've spoken a bit about Strapi on the LoadForge Blog already, but I'm officially a fan. Gatsby I'm still experimenting with but I will concede it truly is lightning fast, and Vercel is an amazing service especially for anyone separating frontend and backend data.


I'm in love with the stack. Vercel has been extremely impressive, and I love the speed and flow of Gatsby+Strapi. Definitely recommending it. Some useful content if you're interested:


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