Cryptocurrency Tracker

Tracking the performance of my coin recommendations, and personal purchases. This is not comparing profit, but rather comparing the profit as compared with holding $BTC instead of buying an ALT coin, and is based on todays date.

Coin Buy Date Buy Price Current Price Variance BTC Variance Result Position
BTC 2017-01-01 $995.44 $11180.36 1023.16% 1023.16% HOLD
ETH 2017-07-19 $194.41 $998.36 389.81% 413.53% HOLD
IOT 2017-07-19 $0.2314 $2.57 389.81% 1010.63% HOLD
XMR 2017-07-19 $34.94 $312.59 389.81% 794.65% HOLD
NEO 2017-09-09 $22.6 $124.3 157.90% 450.00% EXIT
ARK 2017-11-22 $3.11 $6.32 35.77% 103.22% HOLD
REQ 2017-11-23 $0.07212 $0.501 39.52% 594.68% HOLD
LTC 2017-11-27 $90.99 $181.81 14.87% 99.81% HOLD
POWR 2017-11-27 $0.6682 $1.05 14.87% 57.14% HOLD
WTC 2017-12-04 $9.18 $32 -3.82% 248.58% HOLD

Further explaining the above table.

Was it a good decision?

To work this out we must ask two questions - did we make a profit and did we make more profit than if we had kept it as Bitcoin. The Result column tells you if the investment made more money than it would have as Bitcoin!

My current position

For anyone wanting to copy or just know my opinion, the Position column lets you know if I have continued to hold the coin or exited to another coin.

Remember to consider dates

The profit made on these is directly related to the Buy Date at which I purchased the coin. Many coins may show a profit because I purchased early, or may have even had a higher profit if I purchased earlier.

Global average

I am reporting global average numbers which I think are fair. Certain exchanges offer higher prices but as we are looking at the change it doesn't really matter what the actual coin price is as long as both previous and current are the same measurement.