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I'm personally looking for top tier full stack devs, especially anyone who knows me/people at Snapt - #developerhttps://t.co/3Sbwmv9g8U

RT @holgermu: Earlier - Caught up with @SnaptADC 'S @DaveBlakeyZa on the latest trends and opportunities that #ADC offers for #NextGenApps

Cool view of Sandton @ Sandton, Gauteng https://t.co/pez0jsxtge

Here’s my year in emoji: 🙌🏻#HappyNewYear #MyEmojiYear https://t.co/XpcL5ewZWd

RT @BenBartenstein: Half of the sources I quoted this year for @business were women. That’s 337 in total, or about one a day. Unfortunately…

RT @DirkBlocker: YES! (Also, no peeing in the subway.) https://t.co/auuFl6Slry

Just posted a photo @ Sun City, South Africa https://t.co/bzsTDWmEmb

RT @SnaptADC: If you’re thinking about implementing a continuous delivery approach or even bringing cloud services into your software devel…

RT @DisruptAfrica: SA’s Snapt raises $3m Series A funding round https://t.co/nbTrfjNwV4 @NedbankCIB @SanariCapital

RT @mindsharepr: CEO @DaveBlakeyZa of @SnaptADC talks all things application delivery and #DevOps with @thecloudcastnet https://t.co/x9cdIt

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